How to tell if you are likely looking at a fake on Facebook

If you have ways that you think should be added to this, let me know…

Most of these can be use for any social site and not just Facebook.

Here are some ways to tell if you are likely looking at a fake profile or fan page.

Some where on it but usually on the info page it states one or several of these or something similar..

  • Don’t believe, don’t add.
  • Call me fake, I’ll block or delete you.
  • Verified by Facebook that this is a Celebrity Account
  • Verified by Facebook that this is the real Celebrity
  • Verified by Facebook that Celebrity runs this account
  • Verified By WWE
  • Verified By Vince McMahon
  • Wwe Approved Page
  • Dear facebookers, This is the Facebook staff. We are going onto each real Celebrity Account and writing in their bio to say they are real if you have a Celebrity and they don’t have this they are fake and you need to delete,block and report them Please and Thank you -Facebook Staff

They may also might have pictures that says these things instead of it being written on the page.

Here are other things to look for…

  • Family listed are other wrestlers/celebs.
  • Family listed seem to be random people, different races, different countries, etc.
  • Switches to being single and in a relationship/Married a lot.
  • When they are in a relationship they seem to be too in love and it all they post about.
  • They post videos of their matches and other appearences on tv/ppv all the time.
  • They post pictures of themselves all the time, usually taken off
  • They post pictures of themselves arriving or leaving arenas, often using them as their profile pic.
  • They use pictures of themselves with fans as their profile pic.
  • They use Wikipedia for their about section.
  • They are playing facebook games.
  • They are not very good typing in english and often will type in other languages.
  • They want to have a certain amount of likes for every post.
  • They tell people to add other wrestlers and celebs very often, who seems to be fake.
  • They are always talking about hanging out with other wrestlers and celebs.
  • They send you messages all the time.
  • They ask to see private pictures of you.

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For those that aren’t aware of me from Myspace, Facebook or Twitter.

I go by the name of Spudz, I been a wrestling fan for 25 years.

Over 5 years ago, I got on Myspace.. like many I started looking for celebs, including wrestlers to add as friends. I noticed many were believing ones I could tell that were fakes to be the actual real person.. I got tired of seeing that so I stepped up, at first I made a WFAPOM myspace group in the Spring of 2006, soon afterward I realize I had to made a actual myspace profile, to make more people aware of the poser trouble.  So I started blogging different lists pointing out which are real and which ones are posers

In April 2009, Realizing people were using more than myspace, I made a Facebook page and a Twitter. While I still have the myspace profile, I hardly check it anymore since it not as popular as it once was.

I think I will be using this Tumblr as another place to post my lists at.

Probably will take a few days to post everything

Can also find me at..